The Ladders Are On The Marketplace

Today we released our second item on the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace. It’s a procedural ladder generator. Ever need to add ladders to your level only it’s a pain because you don’t have a ladder mesh of the dimensions you need? Use this sweet procedural ladder generator that just went up on the marketplace. Never again.



Just open the Unreal launcher and go to the marketplace to buy the ladders. Here’s a demonstration:

Thanks for your support, and let us know if you need any from us.

Procedural Ladders in UE4

today I’ve been doing a procedural ladder blueprint. you just give it the meshes you want to use (or use mine), a little bit of info, and pull a bunch of sliders around to change basically everything about the ladder. donhonk is doing some art and we’re gonna see if the ue4 marketplace wants it

this is a particularly useful thing for level designers because the alternatives are:
-bullshit some ladders with brushes
-make bespoke ladder meshes for the particular spot where you need one
-have a few ladder meshes of various lengths and throw them together end-to-end hoping for the best (actually works better than you’d think when you’re able to put part of the bottom section underground)

anyway, this is better

Level Editing In UE4 Kinda Needs To Catch Up To Quake 1

I never do this, but I did a Me Talking Over Video video. This one is about the ways in which Unreal Engine level design has a lot of catching up to do when compared to Quake 1′s (in one important respect, anyway) if it’s planning on targeting smaller developers more now. More specifically it’s about how editing CSG in Unreal (including 4) sucks, and why that is something that should be fixed instead of handwaved away as not being a big deal.

The Latest On Spacething

I’m still making it!

It’s got a basic website now.

It’s got a menu, and the menu even works:

The ship is lit in a checkerboard pattern:

You can ask the computer for rugs and monitors now:


I started an effect for when you melt stuff down:  

You can beam up objects you see out in space, or melt them down into resources which you use to renovate the ship or make more cool stuff. You can pick up objects, like monitors, and put them wherever you want, and with monitors you can hang them on walls. You might come across cargo containers floating out in space and maybe there are things in them (spoilers: I’ve only done the containers themselves so right now there’s totally nothing in them).

The whole thing still looks totally sick.

…and that’s The Latest On Spacething. More or less. Keep checkin’ the twitter feed on the Spacething site for all the newz.

Spacething: First Patreon build/general progress

Recently, the first patron-only build of Spacething went up for patrons. It’s still super early days, but it’s quite a lot more interesting than the previous publically-accessible builds; there’s the beginning of a story there. If you want to play, support me on Patreon! I would love that.

I’ve also done a lot of cool new stuff with it since that build came out. Here’s some of it:

  • Added space junk and asteroid fields
  • Asteroids/whatever space junk can be beamed up (computer suggests you build a vault to keep all the crap you beam up)
  • Building consumes a resource currently called Generium, which you gain by melting down space junk or rooms/walls you don’t want anymore (bigger bits of junk give you more generium)
  • Running out of generium for the first time triggers a whole tutorial conversation about it
  • Monitors display a bunch of ship information including your mission (spoilers!) and how much generium you have left
  • Monitors can be turned on and off, picked up and moved around HL2 style, and can even be hung on walls (this is hopefully the beginning of an increasingly elaborate system of personalising your spaceship)
  • Other stuff

And here’s a lot of Vines. Hope ya dig.



UE4 Blueprint TextRenderComponent automatic line breaks

That was kind of a mouthful.

Anyhow, someone on a forum asked about automatic line breaks in TextRenderComponents. I went ahead and did a quick solution for them. Here it is in case someone forlornly Googles it.

Here’s what it looks like:

So you can set your own MaxCharsPerString and the lines will be different lengths. This has some obvious readability issues in that it doesn’t hyphenate or (as I much prefer when reading) put line breaks between words, but those would be easy improvements to make.

Here’s the blueprint – click for big:

Here’s the code you can paste into your own blueprint to get exactly what I have (awesomely, everything in unreal pretty much copies out to plain text):

Hopefully this is of use to somebody!