Hypothesising Negative Effects of Ubiquitous Modular Mesh Based Level Design

This is kind of a Part 2 to my Level Editing In UE4 Kinda Needs To Catch Up To Quake 1 video. In it I discuss how I reckon the skill of level design has been undermined somewhat over the last couple decades or so. It’s just, like, my opinion, man. Not sure how succinct this one is compared to the other one.

I actually do a lot of my UE4 level editing in Hammer now. More on that in another video probably.

Here’s the first video again:

Cool NPC speech stuff with data tables

Today I used data tables in UE4 for the first time! I’m using it for NPC dialogue. Basically I keep a spreadsheet in Excel full of possible NPC lines and certain info relating to them and they get used in the game, if I wanna add more lines I just add more to the spreadsheet and it’s really easy to add a new type of line also.

As you can see, my dudes now
-randomly chat with a random statement/response system ala HL1/HL2/Dishonored when they’re not busy doin’ somethin’ else
-notice and remark upon torches I’ve doused with water arrows using different lines depending on whether they’re alone or not
-greet each other
-exclaim upon finding a corpse of a friendly, using different lines depending on whether they’re alone or not
-exclaim upon hearing a noise/seeing the player/losing sight of the player/catching fire using different lines depending on whether they’re alone or not.

P sick.

#UE4Jam game: Interstellar Bar Billiards

Did a game jam, which I never do! The theme was “Earth-Shattering Kaboom”. I made this!

Download link


Interstellar Bar Billiards v1.0 - Impromptu Games - 2015
Hi! This is the readme for Interstellar Bar Billiards! It's a little game made with Unreal Engine 4 in a couple of days for the #UE4Jam of June 2015. It's by Joe Wintergreen. Enjoy the video game!

To win, destroy all the planets, either by sinking them into black holes or causing them to fall into the sun.

Interstellar Bar Billiards is, of course, based on the idea of Intergalactic Bar Billiards as mentioned in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Thanks, Douglas Adams.






Spacething (impromptugames.com/spacething) is a first-person adventure game where you build your own spaceship with the help of a sassy shipboard computer.

InFlux (impromptugames.com/influxgame) is a ball-rolling puzzle game that's pretty chill but also, you know, puzzling.

Shotgun Sunrise (impromptugames.com) is a co-op multiplayer vehicular objective-based zombie Western.

Magenta Sunset is mysterious.

Well, support Joe on Patreon.


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Stealth Gaming Good Times

Here is a cool thing I did the other day with AI for my stealth game. I made it so that if a guard hears a sound that he doesn’t know what it was, and can’t see the player, he’ll check for torches nearby and if there is one, he’ll go grab it, then investigate the noise (move to the location of the sound). They don’t bother with a torch if the torch has been doused, or if they already have fire arrows, because they can see by that light. The awesome thing is, this accidentally made it so that if a guard doesn’t have a torch, and hears a noise he wants to investigate, he can go steal a torch from a guard who has one. It is lol.

Also, check out this sweet placeholder HUD.