Freeplay Parallels

I spoke briefly at an event called Freeplay Parallels on Saturday about Magenta Sunset, and then demoed Spacething. I always stress out a whole lot about being looked at by multiple pairs of eyes at once but apparently I did okay. Here are tweets about it.

Spacething has a super early build you can play


Things I did today:

Bigger, wider hallways:

Doors now open for you when you get near and close again when you walk away:

The ship can have rooms on top of rooms, connected by hatches in the floors and ceilings:

Rooms can be procedurally furnished:


So that’s my evening

This Month In Game Devvery…

I’ve been waiting to hear back about a funding application for the adventure game, so rather than work on that before I know how scopey I can get, I’ve been doing a bunch of potentially ill-fated side projects, including but not limited to:

Antony Eagle’s Professional Truck

This is basically another pass at our old iOS game Vroom that I’ve been making for my Nexus 5. It’s prettier and the handling is better and the touch controls are better (hold anywhere on the left side of the screen to turn left, right side to turn right, bottom of the screen to brake/reverse, and acceleration is automatic). You can also swipe left, right, up or down to do left and right barrel rolls or front and backflip. It’s probably going to have a THPS style combo system at some point. Here are some pictures of it.

Screenshot_2014-09-11-19-53-47Screenshot_2014-09-11-19-52-11 Screenshot_2014-09-11-19-52-04


InFlux Sample Game

I ported two levels of InFlux to UE4, and then remade most of the gameplay stuff in Blueprint, so now it’s probably going to be on the UE4 marketplace as a sample game. Looks like this:

Tilt Ball Game

I impulse-made one of those tilt-your-phone-to-roll-the-ball games. It uses device gravity rather than just tilt, so if you turn it upside down, the balls fall on your face. It’s pretty cool. If you played it on the moon, the balls would fall more slowly. If you played it on the ISS, it’d just be fucked. I might make a wee game out of it and put it on Google Play or make a UE4 marketplace sample game out of it. This is all in Blueprint too, all this stuff is.

Screenshot_2014-09-09-15-26-38 Screenshot_2014-09-09-15-28-21

Space Thing

Day before yesterday I came up with what I thought was a cool idea for a first person walkin’-around-on-a-spaceship game and said, what the heck, I’ll start making it. No idea if it’ll get finished or even get very far at all. But I made a procedural spaceship generator. Basically, you tell it where you want the rooms, and which walls you want doors and windows in, and it happens. This is probably the coolest most complicated Blueprint I have done so far. That is not a considered statement, I might have done other cooler shit.

Here is an image and some vines.