Tattoos #yoloswag420blazeit

I got my first tattoo! it is the symbol of the ball from InFlux which is from the Impromptu logo which is in fact designed by one Finlay Downes. If you aren’t familiar basically the tatt is the player character from the most recent video game I made (and first one to get on Steam, etc so it is kind of an achievement).


My mate Cynthia did it which is the best, because I feel like it is super rad to have this stuff done by someone you know properly.
When I was in Seattle recently Steve Gaynor (creator of Gone Home) wrote “FUCK GAMES” on my arm and now I also kind of want to get that inked

conversation/travelling test

basic conversation system and moving-between-levels. i have once again used the song Halley’s Comet from the excellent band I Come To Shanghai. buy their album.

basically the idea is there’s going to be a map open on the passenger seat of the car, from which you choose your next destination. then, driving off down the road from wherever you are will smash cut you straight there