InFlux Volcano Rollercoaster

This week I got my Oculus DK2, and today I took one of the levels of InFlux that I revamped for the UE4 Marketplace and, using Teddy’s rollercoaster plugin, added a rollercoaster. Here it is, yo.

It’s basically the same exact thing as the living room Rift Coaster you’ve probably all played except it’s in some cool lava-filled caves. It might have higher system requirements, not sure.

Download link.

Freeplay Parallels

I spoke briefly at an event called Freeplay Parallels on Saturday about Magenta Sunset, and then demoed Spacething. I always stress out a whole lot about being looked at by multiple pairs of eyes at once but apparently I did okay. Here are tweets about it.

Spacething has a super early build you can play


Things I did today:

Bigger, wider hallways:

Doors now open for you when you get near and close again when you walk away:

The ship can have rooms on top of rooms, connected by hatches in the floors and ceilings:

Rooms can be procedurally furnished:


So that’s my evening